ST-Link solution is the best option in order to meet the ever growing demand for secure, flexible and high performance infrastructure to meet data, voice and multimedia connectivity in event the most remote areas, where terrestrial data services like ADSL, fibre optics,2G,3G,4G and LTE not available
ST-Link delivers reliable real time fixed and mobile IP satellite communications solutions to consumers, businesses, public institutions and government agencies.
VSAT satellite communication infrastructure can achieve this in a much cost effective manner than terrestrial lines.




Top 8 Why Use VSAT

VSAT is independent from the terrestrial network.It provides availability & service continuity of IP connectivity. VSAT provides borderless connectivity.


VSAT Applications

VSAT can be applied for businesses and communities. It can be use for Email, File Transfer (FTP), VoIP, Internet (web broswing), M2M (SCADA, Telemetry Remote Hardware Management), Remote Diagnostics, Remote Monitoring and Data Streaming Services from remote or hazardous sites to headquaters.


ST-Link Solutions

ST-Link offers full VSAT satellite communications solution and infrastructure (upload and download speed of choice) as well as VSAT satellite communication data service subscription.


How VSAT Work

Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) are small fixed satellite antennas that provide highly reliable communication means for data, voice and video between almost any number of geographically dispersed sites. VSAT is used to receive satellite transmissions.



 > Email                         >  File transfer (FTP)            > Data processing                > VPN network access

> Chat                             > VoIP ( Skype, Google Talk etc)                        > ATM-POS

> Internet (Web Browsing)               > Multimedia/Video Streaming        > Video conferencing

> Video surveillance         > Tracking and location            > Back up connectivity

> Inventory Control      > Reservation System         > Financial Management        

> M2M ( SCADA/Telemetry Remote Hardware Management)

Remote diagnostics, remote monitoring and data streaming services from remote or hazardous sites to headquarters


Top 8 Why Use VSAT?

1. Independent from terrestrial network

2. Terrestrial network does not guarantee high availability & service continuity of IP connectivity

3. Borderless communication

4. Fast deployment

5. Relatively low cost comparing to terrestrial infrastructure

6. Remote data/internet streaming services from remote or hazardous sites to headquarters

7. Improve productivity : latest data information/sharing updates from remote locations

8. Convenient gathering of various data from multiple sites within the organization



Why ST-Link?

ST-Link VSAT solution assists businesses to expand their existing IP network beyond the limitations of the terrestrial and land line enabling applications that drive efficiencies, secure assets and provide reliable communications. 

ST-Link VSAT solution also provides peace of mind in knowing that your primary terrestrial network is seamlessly backed up in the event of a terrestrial network outage. 

ST-Link VSAT solution provides high reliability, low latency and a secure connectivity for your mission and business critical applications. 



ST-Link VSAT Solutions

> We are capable to provide Full VSAT satellite communications solution and infrastructure       (upload and download speed of choice )

> VSAT satellite communication data service subscription

> Solutions will depend on your specific requirements:

        – Bandwidth, data rates & number of sites (locations)

        – Applications: SCADA/M2M, ATM-POS, Internet Broadband etc

        – shared or dedicated bandwidth

        – Point to point, point to multipoint

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